About My Puppy Bags

Who We Are


We are family owned, working right from our home office. We founded the company with the vision of helping to provide a better life for abandoned, abused, or neglected puppies and dogs by partnering with local animal shelters and dog care-takers. 

Instead of only asking for monetary donations,  we wanted to offer our promotional puppy bags as a token of appreciation for your support. 

We started with one bag, but couldn't resist purchasing different styles to provide a variety of choices to our supportive furry friend supporters.  

What We Do


We sell our promotional puppy bags and other products, which allows us to donate a percentage of the sales to shelters and foster homes where pups are waiting to be adopted. At the same time, we are contributing to creating a healthier and a more uplifting environment at these organizations.  

Each organization is exclusively selected based on the care and services they offer, and on their needs. Those organizations must carry an active 501(c)3 certification to benefit from our program. 

The proceeds are split and sent monthly to the selected organizations listed on our website. 

How You Can Help


If you are a furry friend lover and want to help provide a better life for abandoned puppies and other pets while they wait to be adopted, take a few minutes to browse through our puppy bags, and purchase your favorite item. We donate a percentage of all sales to the organizations we help

If you prefer to make a monetary donation, please click on "donate" below. 100% of your donation will go to these beautiful shelters and care centers.   

Every little bit counts. Every Furry Friend will appreciate your support. 

The faces of my puppy bag - a happy and loving family



Ericka is Koda's mommy. She is fun! Ericka loves animals so much that she works at a vet's office, but she loves Koda the most. Koda likes to take his favorite puppy bag to his grandparents' house for sleepovers. 



Kaitlyn is Charlie Brown's mommy. She is just crazy about him. She even celebrates his birthdays -- cake and all the trimmings! Charlie likes to steal Buster's food. 



John is Buster's dad. He takes Buster on rides around the golf course. If daddy could, he would teach Buster how to golf. 



Kevin is Koda's daddy. They go fishing and swimming a lot and then pass out together.



Judith is Buster's mommy and the founder of My Puppy Bag. She doesn't have a photo with Buster because she is always taking photographs of him. She loves nature and all animals. She always wanted to help provide a better life for abandoned puppies. Buster inspired her to fulfill her wish.



Julian is Buster's uncle. He takes care of Buster when mommy and daddy travel and lets him sleep on the bed. 

Buster likes his collapsible bowl from My Puppy Bag. 

Thank you for visiting. 

There is no limit as to how much we can help needed pups. Surf through our site and find out how you can help by purchasing a puppy bag, making a donation, or participating by sharing your story. Your pup may appear on our blog and our social media pages.  

Happy tails! 

Prefer to Donate?

If you do not wish to purchase any of our puppy bags, you can make a monetary donation.  Your support and contributions will enable us to improve the conditions and well-being of our Furry Friends. 

100% of your generous donation will help to fund our mission and will be split and sent to the organizations we support. 

Thank you. 

We appreciate your help.

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